BIM 360 Next-Generation – New workflows


The result of using a single, unified platform for AEC projects is the ability to remove the causes of uncertainty such as data loss, information silos and disconnected teams that lead to cost overruns, delays and frustrations for project stakeholders.

The new Autodesk BIM 360 next-generation platform removes data silos, supports inter-operability between work phases and extensibility and connectivity with other business platforms and applications, putting the right information in the right hands at the right time.

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Top Tips to Reduce a Revit Family File Size

Here are some top tips from my colleague Luke Davenport on how to keep those files sizes smaller.

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If you’ve done some testing and you need to reduce the file size of your families – here’s all the best tips from around the Revitsphere. The last one is spectacular!

  1. Use only native Autodesk Revit geometry (no SAT files sorry!)
  2. Keep voids to a minimum where possible
  3. Practice good family nesting (if geometry is used more than once, don’t array it, nest it)
  4. Check for duplication of geometry in nested families
  5. Avoid grouping geometry in families – it bloats the file size
  6. Purge the family
  7. Purge any nested families
  8. Remove any unused materials
  9. Remove any imported AutoCAD and SAT files used as reference
  10. Remove any imported images
  11. Once you’ve finished creating the file, compact the file size of the family by doing a ‘Save-As’ (this auto-compresses the file)
  12. And if you’ve followed all the above and you still want to reduce the file size further: load the family into a project and save it out from the project file. Doing this can easily chop 30% off the file size in my experience, and in one case reduced it by 45%. Apparently RFA files get gunked up with all kinds of saved history if they’re worked on for a long time, and exporting from a project purges all this unnecessary information out without harming the file.