SketchUp Extensions – 1


To find your own SketchUp Extensions (Apps / Add-Ins / Plug-Ins / Ruby Scripts) see the links below:

Here are some popular SketchUp extensions:

Skatter – Populate your model quickly. Click here!

1001bit Tools – Design assistance. Click here! 

Dibac – Design in 2D, covert to 3D. Click here!

Skalp – Making CAD drawings with SketchUp and Layout easier. Click here! 

Trimble Connect – Online Collaboration. Click here! 

CleanUp3 – It’s like Purge, but on steroids. Click here! 

PlusSpec – BIM using SketchUp and Parametric Modelling. Click here!

Sefaira – real-time performance-based design in SketchUp. Click here! 

Artisan Organic Toolset – Subdivision, sculpting, and soft selection tools for artists, designers and landscape architects. Click here!