Collaboration for Revit (C4R) – Overview & a Brief Guide for IT

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SketchUp “Add Location” Changes

What’s changed with the Add Location and Photo Textures feature in SketchUp?


Trimble and SketchUp have changed geographic data providers so that it can continue to enable the Add Location feature in some versions of SketchUp.

The “Street View” (Photo Textures) feature is no longer  available. Google is no longer providing this service due to legal restrictions


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Possible workarounds:




SketchUp Extensions – 1


To find your own SketchUp Extensions (Apps / Add-Ins / Plug-Ins / Ruby Scripts) see the links below:

Here are some popular SketchUp extensions:

Skatter – Populate your model quickly. Click here!

1001bit Tools – Design assistance. Click here! 

Dibac – Design in 2D, covert to 3D. Click here!

Skalp – Making CAD drawings with SketchUp and Layout easier. Click here! 

Trimble Connect – Online Collaboration. Click here! 

CleanUp3 – It’s like Purge, but on steroids. Click here! 

PlusSpec – BIM using SketchUp and Parametric Modelling. Click here!

Sefaira – real-time performance-based design in SketchUp. Click here! 

Artisan Organic Toolset – Subdivision, sculpting, and soft selection tools for artists, designers and landscape architects. Click here!